Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Or When the woods stop by...

That beautiful snow last night didn't stop.  Nor did the crack / crash of the tree branches that sent us home from our walk.

All night there was a constant crashing in the woods - and occasionally on my roof - of branches that couldn't withstand the weight of the heavy snow.

Then around 3am there was a flash and a bang, and the power went out.  This morning I drove around Wilmot Flat and had to turn back 4 times because of wires or trees in the road.  The local power company did an amazing job and our power was back by late afternoon.  We spent the day reading by the wood stove.  Love wood stoves.  Heat and hot water for tea no matter what happens outside.
No more drifting in my kayak until next spring
This happened just after my neighbor move his car

Pines are built to shed snow, but eventually the weight gets too much
Things that go bump in the middle of the night - on the roof

I'm learning to not love old pine trees

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