Saturday, November 24, 2018

Stark Beauty

When I spent a January week in Iceland I was struck by the simple, stark beauty of the country.  The quiet, the black and white landscape, the brilliant light (yes, even in Iceland in January) reflected off the snow, the fresh air, all were a wonderful cure for the hassle of daily life.  And yes, coming inside to warmth afterwards was good also.

Yesterday we drove up to our home in Wilmot Flat, NH and I was stuck by the similarities.  Clean, fresh air, the white of the snow and ice, the black of the water, the green of the pines and firs.  Breathing deeply and slowly.

Almost frozen over.  

A small stream running into the pond

Warmth inside!
 The almost full moon on the snow was bright enough to see by, and we went for a walk.  My camera was not at the right setting to capture the moon-shadows on the snow.

Our neighbor's house

Walking into town

Moon over the barn

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