Sunday, June 28, 2015

I finally made it!

For years Iceland was a part of my teaching.  It has plate tectonics, volcanoes, geothermal heat, and is warmed by the Gulf Stream.  My students saw lots of photos of Iceland - but I had never been there.  I've finally made it to Iceland, taking a 3-day layover on a flight from France.  It is just as wonderful as I had thought!

The original Geysir
The one that all of the others are named after
Geysir erupting
Reykjavik harbor

45 degrees F and windy in June
Geothermal energy


Steaming land


Where the 2 plates meet -
North America and Eurasia
The famous trail between 2 continents
Mr. Redwing with his mouth full of food for his babies
Greylag goose

Wild thyme