Friday, March 15, 2019

End of the Season?

I tried to walk along the Wilmot Greenway to Beaver Pond two days ago, and promptly went into the snow up over my knees.  So, yesterday I went back with my snowshoes.

My footprints from 2 days ago.  I didn't get much further than the sign
The forest was no longer winter-silent.  A chickadee had a whistling conversation with me before I left him alone to claim his territory.  The streams have broken loose and are singing through the woods.

Then the temperature started to climb, and a warm rain fell all night.  The snow is disappearing before my eyes.  This might have been the last time there will be enough snow for snow-shoeing this winter - but then again .....

The only way to get through the woods yesterday.

Going downhill was easy

Heading off towards the beaver pond

Greenway Trail Marker

The Beaver Pond Trail is part of the SRK Greenway

Winter has released its hold on the brooks.

Going back up the hill was more difficult
And, back up the hill again

Snow season ends, mud season begins