Thursday, February 25, 2016

In Spring, The Best Part of Waking Up still coffee.
The cardinals loudly sing "Cheer, Cheer",
which is more enjoyable at 6am than 4am

However, as it grew light around 6am this morning, cardinals began singing in the back yard.  A welcome sign of spring.

Mr. Titmouse claiming his
territory in my back yard
Ten minutes later the titmice started their "Peter, Peter" song.  

In two more months the songs will begin with robins around 4:30am and won't be quite so pleasant, but for now they sound great.

What a Difference A Few Feet Can Mean

Tuesday night we received about 4 inches of snow in Burlington.  Despite the rain, most of it still lay on the ground Wednesday night when I drove down from my mountain and ventured into WeHa.

Where there was absolutely no snow on the ground.  None.

As I returned home, as I climbed past the 700 foot elevation, the snow reappeared.   

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Congratulations! I was Wrong!

My back yard when I woke up this morning - after you were already in school.
I don't enjoy being incorrect when I predict a snow day, although the extraordinary El Niño this year has given me plenty of practice.  I expect that I will get even more practice in the years to come, since someone forgot to tell the climate about the political agenda in this country.

Once again a storm flew through much faster than expected, and the sleet was over early enough for the roads to be cleared in time for school.  Only the far northern part of the state had late school openings.

On the other hand, while teachers in WeHa still had to go in and race through shortened classes so they can sit through faculty meetings this afternoon, and students had to slog through the slush and rain to get to class, remember this:

You are still on track to get out of school on Friday, June 10.  Congratulations!

Monday, February 22, 2016

So Sorry, West Hartford - Weather Will Be Nasty

It looks like the midweek storm is actually going to hit - and what a mess.
Your street Wednesday morning?

It should be snowing by 4 or 5 on Tuesday afternoon, so there is a slight chance that after school activities will go.  

Then snow, sleet, and freezing rain Tuesday night into the rush hour on Wednesday.  At this point I am saying a better than even chance of a late opening.  After all, what is better than a short Wednesday with meetings than a short Wednesday with meetings AND a late start.  Drink lots of coffee so you can do those 17 minute classes.

Unfortunately, if school is closed completely (at least a 50-50 chance of that) your last day of school will be Monday, June 13.  Sorry.

Finally, it will be raining like crazy on Wednesday and into Thursday.  Expect flooding in the usual places.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Possible Late Opening In Central Connecticut This Week. Updated 2/21 9pm

Thanks to El Niño the weather predictions this year have been extremely difficult.  But....

The good news is that you will not have a late opening or snow day on Monday, 22 February.   That storm has mostly passed off to our south.

The bigger question is what will happen on Wednesday.  All projections show that we will be getting a huge rain storm that will last through Thursday.  But a few are still showing a period of snow and ice Tuesday night that will last through Wednesday morning, but only in the central valley.  In other words, as of now I am saying about a 60% chance of a late opening and a 50% chance of no school in the central valley on Wednesday. 

I will update this Monday night.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Early {Just Maybe} Snowday Forecast for WeHa and Central Connecticut

Actually, it is still too early to be accurate, but be prepared for a messy Monday morning, with a possible delayed opening.

The midweek storm is moving faster, and now looks like it will start Tuesday night and will be changing to rain during the day on Wednesday.

I know how much you teachers love rushing through shortened classes and then sitting through all your Wednesday meetings, but this time you might be missing them.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nasty Weather, But No Snow Days This Week in WeHa

When I woke up this morning,
the air temperature was -15F, with a strong wind that made it feel like -28F.

Not a very promising start to the long President's Day weekend "vacation".

The good news is that tomorrow's temps will be closer to normal.   Mid 20s Fahrenheit without today's strong winds will feel a lot better.  Get out and enjoy it.

Then the fun begins.  

Monday evening, just in time for rush hour, it will begin to snow.  There could be anywhere up to 3 inches on the ground by the time that the precipitation changes to ice then rain.  It will rain all day on Tuesday.

So picture this.  The ground is frozen solid.  Several inches of snow fall and then we get an inch or so of rain.  Even with temperatures reaching an outrageous 50F there will be slush in the roads and clogging drains, and frozen ground rejecting the water.  Expect seriously flooded roads.

The "good" news is that without another snow day this week, you are still looking at your summer vacation beginning on June 10.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The magic of Snowy Mornings

Winter mornings are amazing! The air is so clean, with an electric smell of snow flavored with just a touch of fox scent. 

Mouse Runs Across the Snow 

Deer Mouse Footprints In The Shed
Last night's powder does not hold tracks well, but it is clear where a deer mouse left the shelter of the wood pile to venture into the shed. 

Chipmunk Hole

A chipmunk popped up out of the snow and made a dash for a brush pile. 


And Mr. Fox came through the woods, dug into the snow where I left some seeds for the birds under a hemlock, 

then he trotted over to the wood pile looking for the mouse before heading across the lawn to the apple tree to see if there might be a tasty mouse nibbling on fallen apples under the snow. 

And to top it off, a downy woodpecker was drumming, a sure sign of spring!

Monday, February 8, 2016

There Will Be School On Tuesday 2/9

The current storm will be ending late tonight, which will give those towns that clear their roads plenty of time to scrape them before morning.

Plan on spending extra time to clear your car and drive slowly to school tomorrow.

My prediction for the rest of the week is ...  messy with snow flurries Tuesday through Thursday.  No snow days and late openings are unlikely.

Then be prepared with extra layers on Saturday and Sunday with sub-zero temperatures.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2/8/2016 Snow Day Forecast for Central CT is ...

While the weather service keeps saying that Monday's storm will pass south of the 40N/70W benchmark that brings us the best nor'easters, there seem to be some complications that could bring the snow into central Connecticut.  And the timing is perfect.

There is now a weather advisory for central and eastern CT starting at 4:00 am Monday morning.  Eastern CT will be slammed.  Central CT including WeHa should be prepared for a late opening at least.

Get out there early to clean off your cars, and hope.  I will continue to monitor the storm.

[While I was typing this, the advisory was updated.  Now 3 - 5 inches possible.  I am now predicting 95% chance of late opening, 75% chance of no school on Monday.]

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Central Connecticut's First Snow Day

This spring, the storms have been riding along the coast at a point where a 50 mile difference in either direction could mean the difference between nothing and getting snowed in.

Tonight's storm originally was predicted to go so far south of us that we would not see a thing.  Then, an inch in the morning, and now ...  West Hartford's first snow day of the year.

I'm betting my nickel on snow starting before rush hour on Tuesday 5 February, and continuing all morning.  

That brings your last day of the school year to June 9, but only until next Tuesday's possible big storm.