Friday, September 21, 2018

Wet Day Explorations

Years ago I could always count on innumerable sunny days in September and October.  Then came (climate change).  Now September seems to be the wettest month.

But despite the drear, off we went.  First a walk along the back roads (as if there were any other kind) of Wilmot Flat, NH.  Then up a mountain to find Messer Pond.  Finally, an hour of drifting around on Chase Pond in almost absolute silence.  Even the crickets were subdued.  Peaceful.

This is Nodding Lady's Tresses, a delicate orchid that is blooming along one small part of the shore on Chase Pond.

This is the dread Devil's Beggars-Tick.  The flowers are almost unnoticeable but each seed has 2 sharp points that grab onto your pants and come home with you.

The Heart-Leaved Aster is one of several pale blue aster that are blooming along the side of the road.

The maples are turning.

Look at this one and you can see why its common names include turtle-head, snake-head, codhead, fish mouth, shellflower, snakehead, and snake mouth.

Mushrooms!!  Everywhere!!

The whole world is soggy and rotting this year.
Then we drove (almost straight up) Granite Hill to the Langenau State Forest and Messer Pond.
My car got to enjoy a lot of downshifting coming back.

We wanted to hike the loop around the top of the mountain, but it was too drippy for us in the woods.

A lone female merganser was fishing on the pond

So we came back and spent a few wonderfully peaceful hours drifting on a perfectly still Chase Pond.

The last blueberry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September Perfection

This afternoon was pure perfection.  After dropping off Janet at the library where she is volunteering, I set off along a quiet country road on a September afternoon.  The wonderful autumn ripe smell, the crickets, the occasional rustling of the leaves in the wind, and a brief moment of solitude.  

The Wilmot Public Library in Wilmot Center.  Tea, comfortable rocking chairs by the windows, and all the latest books.
North Wilmot Road, where I saw 5 cars all afternoon
The rest of Wilmot Center, a few houses and the church.

I don't know if I love fall because of the asters, or if I love asters because they come with fall.  New England Asters are at the top of the list

      Roadside plants

Blue-stem Goldenrod

In a wet area, Goldthread

No shortage of woodland streams
this year.

It is New Hampshire, so there are walls

Big tree, little tree

Cute little demons

The rain has brought out the efts

And the mushrooms

More roadside colors

Another goldenrod. 


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Gray Squirrels Heading South

This summer I've seen more and more of these guys swimming across the pond.

Something swimming along

Just before he climbed up my paddle and jumped over me back into the water.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Here Comes the Sun!!!!!

Drove down to Connecticut 10 days ago, and today is the first time I am seeing the sun!  Feels good to go out and walk in sunshine.

This is what Burlington, Connecticut has looked like for the past 10 days.
The Farmington River in Collinsville

Great Blue Heron Hunting Great Blue Heron

Baby Monarch!

Happy Snapper

New England Aster - My Favorite Symphiotrichum!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Dogs. Flying Dogs.

What do you do when the temperature and the humidity both hit 90 on Labor day?
You get up early and go to the fair.  Sheep, pigs, goats, horses, cattle, greasy things to eat.  And dogs.
Flying dogs.
Another few degrees hotter and I would have begged someone to throw a ball for me.
Baby goats

More flying dogs

Very talented kid with well-trained young steers


Very creepy goat

Another creepy goat

Not too bright, this guy.  Looking sheepish.


Sad bunny

Looking good, doing really poorly on the log pull.