Thursday, October 25, 2018

August, September, November

No October this year:  We went straight from warm and raining September to November, with only a few days of strong winds in between to strip the trees.  Fortunately beech trees hang on to many of  their leaves through the winter or there would not be any color left at all.

Golden beech leaves

It was much too windy to go out on the water today, so we walked "the loop", a 5 kilometer walk that gives us some nice views of the mountain and then brings us home through The Flat.

Past the dinosaurs in the driveway

Over the hill 

Crossing Cascade Brook on Shindagan Road

A nice view of the mountain.  Someone put snow on top last night.

Cross Hill Road towards Campground

Schoolhouse Pond.  

A scruffy White-Throat in the weeds

Palm Warbler looking at me.

And wagging his butt at me.

A Yellow-Rumped Warbler not showing his yellow rump.

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