Monday, September 16, 2013

Too Much Rain

Last week I spent 4 days in Boulder, Colorado.

The Monday I arrived, it rained a bit.

Tuesday, there was some drizzling.  Walked across Boulder Creek and around the campus.

Boulder Creek, near my hotel.  I was gone by then.
Wednesday, it rained so hard that after visiting the National Center for Atmospheric Research (they have wonderful displays) we went back to the hotel to wait it out.  It didn't stop.

Wednesday night the crashing of the rain on the roof and the sirens kept us awake.  I worried about getting to the airport on Thursday.

Thursday we left Boulder in a downpour.  There was water on the roads.  The 40 minute drive to the airport took an hour and a half.

Then the water came down from the hills.

According to NCAR, 14.7 inches of rain fell - an entire year's worth in 2 days.

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