Friday, February 14, 2014

Central CT Winters

I don't really love them.  

Connecticut is too close to the ocean.   Water absorbs heat all summer and releases it slowly all winter.  That means that the average temperature here in the winter is just above freezing.

This last storm is typical:  snow, rain, snow.  The result is a back-breaking heavy white mess that is difficult to shovel.  Climate change won't make it better.

The view out my front window this morning.

The view out the back.  While I do have some "lawn" covered with violets, speedwell, clover an thyme (and some grass), most of my property is woods.  I like birds, rabbits and foxes much more than mowing.

My goldfish pond is under there somewhere.  That is my neighbor's storage shed, popular with skunks, raccoons, possums and stray cats.

Most people think of goldfinches in their bright yellow summer feathers, but in the winter they are beautiful.

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