Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There Will Be School on Thursday 2/12 In Central Connecticut

Thursday is Charles Robert Darwin's 206th birthday.  He took his travel year after college and stretched it into a 5 year trip around the world, then stretched it even further into a life of collecting data to prove his idea of how evolution works:  

Natural Selection states that the steps in evolution are 
1.  Competition for food, shelter, and mates.  
2.  Natural variation in individuals (if he had known about DNA and modern genetics he would have called it genetic variation).  
3.  Variations that increase the chance of surviving and breeding are selected by nature just like farmers select traits they want in their animals.

As for your chance of missing school tomorrow:  zero.  There will be light snow during the middle of the day, but no major accumulation.

Next storm is Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.

Then there is next Tuesday night into Wednesday.....  Stay tuned.

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