Thursday, December 12, 2013

Storm Coming! TV News Will Have Panic Alert Tonight!

And, it’s a Nor’easter!

 Here's how it works.   Winds rush from areas of higher pressure (colder and/or drier air) into areas of lower pressure (warmer and/or more humid air).  The rotation of the Earth makes that wind turn to its right in the northern hemisphere.  That means that air rotates counter-clockwise around storms.

If the storm passes to the left and north of us, that rotation brings warm air from the southeast. 

If the storm passes to the right and south of us (40 degrees north x 70 degrees west is the benchmark), our winds come from the North (cold) and East (wet from the ocean).  

Nor’easters bring snow.

And a Nor’easter is arriving Saturday.  Saturday night will bring the heaviest snow.

Don't worry.  This storm will be over by Sunday afternoon and won't affect the last day of school.

There's no promise about the storm that will hit us a week from Saturday.

And as for Christmas, this looks like the best chance of a white one in several years.

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